Third Cliff Bakery

Third Cliff Bakery creates unique and memorable food experiences through homemade shortbread cookies that you can (wait for it…) order online! The challenge was that cookies aren’t that compelling unless you can see, smell and taste them in-person. Through the design of the products, packaging, brand identity, and website, we aimed to evoke a very specific feeling that could replace that in-person shopping experience.


Services: Bigcommerce Website Design, Brand Identity, Color Scheme, Logo Design

Color Scheme:

Third Cliff Bakery color scheme

“It was never a question about who would create my site. The expertise that Emily has accumulated in web design would most certainly trump any fussy template I might try to fill out. The deeper I delved into business development, the more fully I understood the importance of working with talented and creative partners.

I was happy to outsource my web design at first simply because I didn’t know how to do it, but by the end of this experience I was relieved to have done it because Emily’s process helped me to sharpen and clarify my vision and goals while she created a beautiful site that outstripped my highest expectations.”

MEG CROWLEY, Owner of Third Cliff Bakery