Does Your Website + Brand Design Truly Reflect Your Personality?

Let me tell you a little story about a 27 year old woman who despite being the owner of a company that builds brands and website designs for entrepreneurs just like herself, could not for the life of her figure out how to bring her personality into her own website and brand. Spoiler alert: that girl is me.

In the past six months, I have undergone three complete website and brand overhauls. THREE.

For the first overhaul I went for a vintage-factory-worker feel that no one seemed to understand, myself included. The thought was, VINTAGE – that’s so me. I used images of now-deceased women sitting in a call center environment to create an ironic expression of girl power. I obviously thought it was genius. That is until I emailed the finished site to a mentor-like figure and wholesale NBA jerseys fellow business owner here in Austin. I got a one-sentence reply in 2016 return: “I’m sorry, but I can’t tell who this is for.”

So, for the second overhaul cheap jerseys from China I went super minimal. The entire website design was literally comprised of five vibrant colors and a stick thin, modern-looking font. The “strategy” was to make the colors vibrant enough to give the illusion of there being a personality behind the look. In reality, it just looked like one of those super sleek modern homes that Youth offers zero information about the person who lives there.

The third and zocor final overhaul happened just a few weeks ago after I did a photoshoot with my lovely photographer, Sarah. I wore my favorite red lipstick, threw on my grandmother’s old table cloth as my scarf, and sat down in front of my computer. She captured me in my element – it was vibrant, classic, and simple. When I went to include the new pictures into my site, it became clear to me that the way I could truly reflect who I was through the photos. And that was what I needed to do to reflect who I was through my website and branding.

My color scheme is now hot pink, navy blue, and white. Pink for that splash of vibrancy in my bright-as-fuck lipstick, navy blue for my fondness for classic and meaningful things like hand-me-downs from my grandmother, and white for the clean and minimal approach minutes to lifestyle and business that I try to embrace each day. This very literal translation of some of my Celiaquía so-called “signature” items was the very equation I My needed to wholesale NFL jerseys erase the line that stood between me and my business. I finally feel happy and comfortable with how my website looks, how my writing sounds, and how I present myself every day. Why? Because every part of it is the truest version of me.

photoIf you’re struggling with how to bring wholesale NFL jerseys more YOU into your brand and website design, I encourage you to try this: lay out some of your signature items in front of you. Bring out the items that are always in your bag, the things you’d never leave home without, or the personal pieces that you’re known for rocking on a daily basis – lay them all out. What colors or shapes stand out to wholesale Minnesota Vikings jerseys you? How do these pieces work together? How could they be used in your website design? How do they help tell your brand’s story?

Have all of your items out in front of you and not exactly sure how they could be translated to a website and brand design? Take a picture of your items and share it with me on Instagram using the hashtag #redlipstickbranding. See you out there!